There are countless information on Internet about these animals, however spreaded. Or they are of difficult access - ex: find in the page, of the page, of the page , or with very complex and specialized, or with complicated and inefficient design.

As example, pictures of animals "camouflaged" in the nature, lacking quality and objectivity in the images for those that need a quick information and with visual quality to help in the identification of the animal for vital and immediate decision-making.

The COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project is going to concentrate in single place all the necessary information, with clarity and objectivity, in order to this occur as quick and efficient as possible. Throughout an intense SEO work (Search Engine Optimization), in all pages of the Project. This is going to enable a positioning in the top of the researches, in all search engines.(Goggle, Yahoo etc.).

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Site Butantan - Snakes identification

Site FUNED, Fundação Ezequiel Dias - Snakes identification

Site FIOCRUZ, Fundação Osvaldo Cruz - Snakes identification

Site Instituto Vital Brasil - Snakes identification

Saúde Animal - Snakes identification