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Brazilian Snakes needs your support!
This is your opportunity to be part of a project of great social significance.

We arrived at the critical point that, without financial help we can not complete the project!

The phases of the project, listed below, will be performed as the support is being received.

This Project is in search of sponsorship

Why COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project was created


official statistics with the huge amount of accidents involving venomous animals;
absence of quick access and easy comprehension information;
ecological consequences of large numbers of animals being killed uselessly;
absence of quality photos made for identification;
difficulty that is the identification of these animal, that kill or incapacitate so much persons for so long;
great need of a world database, efficient and fast, with high quality photos and correct informations about venomous animals, manly snakes;
interest shown by the population, due to the large amount of requests to identify animals, we receive regularly,
All that motivated us to create the COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project.

COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project, constitute a photographic and information database, that will be used for the immediate identification of snakes of Brazilian fauna. As well as providing information on the initial steps of accidents involving these animals.
Also be used as an important reference source of local support. Cover the areas of public health: medical, veterinary, biological, ecological and educational. The project will have a great social benefit.

The project was created in late 2007 by Fernando Bergamaschi de Souza (see other projects) and in May 2008 received the first of several letters of support and recognition by a Institutions and Universities in Brazil.

Since then we are doing it with our own resources. In these years the Project has provided services in counseling, training and identification of animals for countless people and businesses around the country.

The Portal prototype on the Internet receives about 18 to 25 thousand visits per month, both of Brazil and several other countries (Google Analytics, Webalizer, AWStats).
When the project is complete and being used regularly by physicians, hospitals and clinics, veterinary, professional fire brigade and police, students and the general population the number of visits will at least triple.

The project starts in Brazil and is planned to add more countries and continents. Use programs and methods used in scientific and technical communication. This will ensure the portability of the project to other languages.

COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project will generate a good ROI and a very positive social image for its investors. If your company is interested in this unique project, please contact the Project Coordinator - Fernando Bergamaschi de Souza, as we offer several options for sponsorship and marketing support.


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Why support? Advantages


To learn more about COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project see a detailed DESCRIPTION page.

How your financial support will be used


The COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project is large and complex, initially in 3 languages, almost 1500 pages in the Portal, books, DVD's, books, eBook, materials in various media. There are 366 snakes, some spiders, scorpions, installations, procedures and techniques on the Institutions, each have its own page.

COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project was divided into 6 phases to facilitate sponsorship - crowdfunding. Your financial support will be used in the execution of the Project. As the contributions are received, they will be applied in the implementation of the PHASES of the Project.

The photographs for use in identification, will be made in 10 institutions, several farms and national parks. There are approximately 7000 miles of highways between the Institutions! Expenses on transport and accommodation will be considerable.
Your support will assist in forming a photographic database with the 366 Brazilian snakes. To be consulted 24/7 by students, educators, technicians, professionals and the public.

The venomous snakes Phase 1. Will be photographed 56 snakes, ALIVE. They are big, extremely dangerous, unpredictable, fast and deadly. Will be handled by experienced technicians only.

NOT venomous snakes Phase 2. There are about 310 snakes. These snakes, by law, can not be removed from nature. Will be shot around the country. Some, because of their special food, and little commercial or scientific interest, will be very difficult to find to photograph.
A good portion of them will be photographed in location, we will set up a "studio in nature". The cost of Phase 2 will be very high, due to the large amount of travels to hard to reach places. This phase is of great ecological and educational importance.

The design for the Web Portal is complex with many variables and items. It was planned to be a large global database on venomous animals. Requires professionals with great experience in this type of design.
The Identification Program is also very complex with dozens of variables. Will use cross-references of GPS coordinates, maps, photos, illustrations etc..

Texts will be made using Information Mapping methods, to reduce quantity, facilitate assimilation and portability to other idioms. Topic based information for use in structured document. Translations requires professionals with experience in medical and scientific areas.

Your support will be very well spent. You can be sure it will help save lives, help reduce many accidents with venomous animals and reduce the unnecessary killing of animals. Your support will contribute, directly or indirectly, for the preservation of wildlife and ecological balance.

This Project is in search of sponsorship



Project Coordinator - see Contact us and Project Team

Fernando Bergamaschi

SKYPE — fernandoberga
AIM — fernandoberga

Porto Alegre ☎: 55 51 32220786 • Celular 55 51 997116543




COBRAS BRASILEIRAS Project was divided into 6 phases to facilitate sponsorship - crowdfunding. The entire project is important but can be made in parts or phases. Some parts are common.

PHASE 1 VENOMOUS ANIMALS, is of public utility, is the most important. It is required for the population, medical and veterinary etc.
PHASE 2 animals NOT VENOMOUS, is of paramount importance to the ecology and conservation of these animals.

Your financial support will be used to the extent that the values for the execution phases of the project, listed below are completed.

Costs worksheet

PHASE 1 - Portal ONLY WITH Venomous Animals

This is the most important phase for the public health and veterinary medicine.

All venomous snakes, identification program and database with utilities. Brazil currently has cataloged 366 species of snakes, 56 of these are venomous.


PHASE 2 - Add the NOT VENOMOUS Animals

This Phase is very important for the preservation of these animals. About 310 snakes.

PHASE 3 - DVD Multimedia

Multimedia version with the information contained in the Portal. Direct use on your computer without internet.


PHASE 4 - BOOK "Field Manual" and eBOOK

Containing only venomous animals (± 55) snakes, some spiders, scorpions, centipedes and caterpillars. Features, photos and location map of each of these snakes. Addresses of local rescue and medical emergency recommendations. Dimensions: 13.3 cm x 20.9 cm (5.25in x 8.25in)

PHASE 5 - Children's Book and eBook

Children's Book print and eBook to be purchased in bookstores and online.
Written and illustrated on a pedagogical way to be understood by children.


PHASE 6 - Photographic Exhibition

Traveling photo exposition with the 40 best photos of the animals. This material had been the provision (s) of Sponsor (s), schools, museums and interested.

Photos will be printed in a special long lasting paper, frames and packaging.


This Project is in search of sponsorship



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